Kaatril Eeram Lyrics


Kaatril Eeram Athai Yaar Thanthadho
Kaalkal Nadanam Ida Yaar Sonnatho
Boomi Mudiyum Antha Ellai Varai Povoamaa
Netru Naalai Athu Poiyanatho
Indru Mattum Ingu Mei Aanatho
Megam Alayum Antha Vaanam Varai Povoamaa

Indrenna Ithanai Inbum Ithaya Kootil Neenthituthy
Nadai Paathai Pookal Ellam Kaikal Neetituthey
Neengaatha Punnagai Ondru Uthatin Meethu Poothituthey
Vaazhkaiyai Pidikirathey..

Kaatril Eeram Athai Yaar Thantho
Kaalkal Nadanam Ida Yaar Sonnathu
Bhoomi Mudiyum Antha Ellai Varai Povoama
Netru Naalai Athu Poiyanatho
Indru Mattum Ingu Mei Aanatho

Megam Alayum Antha Vaanam Varai Povoama

Oh Oru Nal, Intha Oru Nal Uyirodu Irunthalum Vazhum
Payanam Intha Payanam, Ithu Thodarnthida Vendum
Arugil Unatharugil, Naan Vazhum, Nigazh Kaalam Pothum
Nimidam, Intha Nimidam Ithu Urainthida Vendum..
Møunathil Šila Neram, Mayakathil Šila Neram
Thayakathil Šila Neram, Ithu Ènnavø Puthu Ulagingae..
Kannarugil Šilathøøram, Kai Arugil Šilathøøram
Vali Thunaiyai Kaetkirathae Va Va..

Oh .. Nam Nenjathil Oram Aen, Ingu Ithanai Èeramø
Nam Kankalil Orama, Puthu Kanavugal Nøørum..
Ithu Ènna Ithu Ènna, Intha Naalthaan Thirunaalaa??
Itharkaga Itharkaga, Kathirunthøm Vegu Naalaa??

Indrenna Ithanai Inbum Ithaya Køøtil Neenthituthy
Nadai Paathai Pøøkal Èllam Kaikal Neetituthey
Neengaatha Punnagai Ondru Uthatin Meethu Pøøthituthey
Vaazhkaiyai Pidikirathey..

Kaatril Èeram Athai Yaar Thanthadhø
Kaalkal Nadanam Ida Yaar Šønnathø
Bøømi Mudiyum Antha Èllai Varai Pøvøamaa
Netru Naalai Athu Pøiyanathø
Indru Mattum Ingu Mei Aanathø
Megam Alayum Antha Vaanam Varai Pøvøamaa

Last Modified: November 22nd, 2012

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