Ninaivugal Nenjinil Pudhainthathinaal Lyrics


Ninaivugal Nenjinil Puthainthathinaal
Neruppaal Enthan Nenjai Sudukindraen
Un Uruvam Kangalile Pathinthathinaal
Kanneer Vittu Kanneer Vittu Azhikkindraen

Thaay Thanthaykaaghe Ennai Piriye
Kaathalai Kaaghithamaay Thooki Eriye
Penney Unnaal Mudikirathey
Ennaal Aenoa Mudiyavillai

Enakke Enakke Ennai Pidikke Villai
Kaaranam Kaetaal Theriyavillai

Kaathirunthu Kaathirunthu Pazhakiyavan
Nee Ennai Kadakkindre Oru Nodikkaaghe
Kaathirunthu Kaathirunthu Pazhakiyavan
Kashtapattu Kashtapattu Paesiyavan
Nee Ennai Kaathalikke Un Thaay Mozhiyay

Kashtapattu Kashtapattu Paesiyavan
Nodigal Ellaam Noay Pattu
Ennai Sumanthu Poaghe Marukkirathey
Mozhikal Ellaam Mudamaaghi
En Mounathai Koode Erikkirathey
Swaasikkekoode Mudiyavillai
Enai Vaasikke Mannil Evarumillai
Ennai Ènakke Pidikke Villai
Kaaranam Kaetaal Theriyavilla

Last Modified: January 2nd, 2011

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