Kannazhaga Lyrics


Kannazhaga.. Kaalazhaga..
Pon Azhaga.. Pen Aazhaga..
Engeyo Thedi Sellum Viral Azhaga?
En Kaigal Koorthu Kollum Vitham Alaga?

Uyire Uyire Unai Vida Ethuvum
Uyiril Perithaai Illaiyadi
Azhagae Azhagae Unai Vida Ethuvum
Azhagil Azhagaai Illaiyadi..

Engeyo Paarkiraai..
Ennenenna Solgirai..
Ellaigal Thaandida Maayagam Seigirai..
Ullukul Paarkiren Ullathai Solgiraen..
Un Uyir Sernthida Naan Ethir Paarkiren..
Ithazhum Ithazhum Inaiyatumae
Puthithaai Padigal Illai

Imaigal Moodi Aruginil Vaa, Ithupoal Ethuvum Illai
Unnakul Paarkava? Ullathai Ketkava?
En Uyir Saernthida Oar Vazhi Sollava?

Kannazhaghi.. Perazhagae..
Penazhagae.. En Azhagae..
Uyire Uyire Unai Vida Ethuvum
Uyiril Perithaai Illaiyadi..

Last Modified: July 30th, 2012

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