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Aagaya Gangai Lyrics

Dharma Yuddham

Aagaya Gangai Ponthaen Malar Soodi
Ponmaan Vizhi Thedi
Medai Katti Melam Thatti
Paaduthey Mangalam Naaduthey Sangamam

Kunguma Theril Naan Thediya Devan
Seetha Pugazh Raaman
Thalam Thottu Raagam Thottu
Paaduvaan Mangalam Naaduvaan Sangamam..

Kaathal Nenjil Hey.. Mela Thaalam.. Hoo…
Kaathal Nenjil Hey.. Mela Thaalam.. Haa..
Kaalai Vaelai Paadum Boopalam
Manaa Nee Un Tholile

Padarum Kodi Naane Paruva Poo Thaanae
Poomanjam Unmeni Ennaalil Arangerumo..

Kunguma Theril Naan Thediya Devan
Seetha Pugazh Raaman
Medai Katti Melam Thatti
Paaduvaan Mangalam Naaduvaan Sangamam..

Thevai Yaavum Hey.. Hey.. Hey..
Therintha Pinum Hoo.. Hoo.. Hoo..
Thevai Yaavum Hey.. Hey.. Hey..
Therintha Pinum Hoo.. Hoo.. Hoo..
Poovai Nenjil Naanam Poraadum
Or Koodiyae Uravaanathum
Tharuven Pala Nøøru, Paruga Kani Kaaru
Thaliraana Ènmeni Thaangathu Un Møgam..

Aagaya Gangai Pønthaen Malar Šøødi
Pønmaan Vizhi Thedi
Thalam Thøttu Raagam Thøttu
Paaduvaan Mangalam Naaduvaan Šangamam..
Lalala Lalala.. Lalala Lalala..

Last Modified: July 25th, 2012

About Lyricist Kannadasan

Kannadasan (Tamil: கண்ணதாசன்) (24 June 1927 – 17 October 1981) was a Tamil poet and lyricist, heralded as one of the greatest and most important writer in the Tamil language. Frequently called Kaviarasu (English: King of Poets), Kannadasan was most familiar for his song lyrics in Tamil films and contributed around 5000 lyrics besides 6000 poems and 232 books, including novels, epics, plays, essays, his most popular being the 10-part religious essay on Hinduism, captioned Arthamulla Indhumatham (English: Meaningful Hinduism) and the biography of Jesus Christ in verse, titled Yesu Kaaviyam (Epic of Jesus).

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