Manasil Vanthatharo Lyrics

Neengatha Ennam

Manasil Vanthatharo En Manasae Solladi
Manasai Thanthatharo En Manasae Sollada
Vaarthaigalaithan Saerthu Vithaigal Enanee Oondra
Paarvaigal Ena Neer Ootra Kaathal Indru Poo Pooka
Pookalai Kai Thodamal Parikiraen Naanadi
Oh.. Thaen Thuli Tharai Vizhamal Suvaikiraen Naanada

Manasil Vanthatharo En Manasae Solladi
Manasai Thanthatharo En Manasa Sollada

Thotu Thotu Mayakkam Ennai
Thaluthadi Ennendru Solvaen
Vittu Vittu Thayakkam Ennai
Kolluthada Ennendru Solvaen

Penne Annene Maegam
Kaatril Ponene Vaegam
Ellam Neethantha Maayam
Ennul Aegantha Kaayam

Maalayil Nee Varamal Thavikkiraen Naanada

Ohh.. Malligai Nee Tharamal Manam Illai Kaelada
Manasil Vanthatharo En Manasae Solladi

Aezhu Jenmam Thaevai Illai
Intha Oru Nimidam Poadthum
Ennakondrum Thaevai Illai
Unmadiyil Maranam Pøadthum
Ènnai Nee Piriyum Munbae
Unnai Naan Piriya Vendum
Nenjil Aandandu Kaalam
Kaathal Thee Èriya Vendum

Èthanai Mazhai Vanthaalum Èrimalai Anaiyuma
Èthanai Thadai Vanthaalum Kaathalum Azhiyuma
Manasil Vanthatharø Èn Manasae Šølladi
Manasai Thanthatharø Èn Manasae Šøllada

Last Modified: November 10th, 2012

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