Kadhal Mazhayil Lyrics

Kurai Ondrum Illai

Ithu Enna Ivan Pinne Un Iru Vizhigal Thoraruthu
Unakullae Unakullae Oru Paravasamae Padaruthu
Un Ithayathin Vaasalai Muttuvathu Yaaru
Kaathala Kaathala Athan Perum Peru
Un … .. Nirpathai Paaru

Kaathal Mazhaiyil Nanayum Bothu
Kudaiyai Manamae Viriyaathey
Aiyo Naanum Enna Seivaen
Achacho Naana Theriyavillai
Manamae Manamae Thodarvena Uduthenaa

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Nice and so melodious.. Kaathal Mazhayil symbolically represents the Love which embraces her like the chillness of rain drizzling over a serene valley. She mentally fights to let herself be drenched in this Kaathal Mazhai. This lovely and everlasting drizzle turns into a downpour of love washing off her ego leaving her emotions transparent in front of Krishna. Chinmayee's ability to carve the words to suit tunes aløng with the simple ørchestratiøn sets it apart. Pianica and Flutes gives a native tøuch enhancing the entire feel øf the søng.

Last Modified: December 22nd, 2012

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