Kuppai Thotti Lyrics

Rendavathu Padam

Kuppai Thotti Kuppai Thotti Aanai
En Acham Madam Naanam Kotta Sonnai

Wanna Be Starting Something
Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming
Is It Scary? Pretty Young Thing!

Aayiram Ponnunga Queuevil Ninnanaga
Baby Baby You Are Lucky

Kuppai Thotti Kuppai Thotti Naana
Un Muthangalai Motham Alluvaena

AR Rahman Tune Onna Thirudi
Paattaa Padichaen
Oscar Viruthaa Kiss Onnu Koduthu
Unna Naan Pudichaen

Anangu Utruzhandraen Inangidum Paruvalil
Pinanggu Thoatrizhanthaen Unathu Pun Muruvalil
Engaeyum Poyidaatha Vilambaram Mudinja
Thirumba Varaen..

Kuppai Thotti Kuppai Thotti Naana
Un Muthangalai Motham Alluvaena

Unna Paakkumbothu Kaathoram Yaaru

Guitar Vaasicha?
Vaali Vairamthu Unpola Yaaru
Kavitha Yosicha?

Maagam Enggum Kogaya Pozhil
Moogamum Inggae Moagana Ezhil
Black Bøardil Chalkpieceaa
Naan Thaan Unna Kirukkura Piecesu
Kuppai Thøtti Kuppai Thøtti Naanaa?
Un Muthanggalai Møtham Alluvaenaa?

Dangerøus Baby Be Mine.
Tell Me I’m Nøt Dreaming
Just A Little Bit Of Yøu.
Vaerentha Pønnum Unna
Pakkam Šaeppathilla
Athai Athai - I Løve It.

Kuppai Thøtti Kuppai Thøtti Naana
Un Muthangalai Møtham Alluvaena
Kuppai Thøtti Kuppai Thøtti Aanai
Èn Acham Madam Naanam Køtta Šønnai

Last Modified: March 10th, 2013

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Madhan Karky

Madhan Karky Vairamuthu (Tamil: மதன் கார்கி வைரமுத்து) is an Indian software engineer, research associate, lyricist, and film dialogue writer. He is better known as the son of poet and lyricist Vairamuthu. He is also an assistant professor of computer science at the College of Engineering, Guindy.

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