First Last Pass Fail Lyrics

Thanga Meengal

Appakkalum Pillaigalu Poga Maataen Endru Adampidikkira
Oreidam Pallikoodam Mattumthaan
First Last Pass Fail
Homework Exam Question Paper
Yaaru Kandupudicha

Makku Plastri Stupid Idiot
Standup On The Bench Ellam
Yaaru Kandupudicha

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday Varaikkum School Vaikka
Yaaru Kandupudicha

Schoolu Pogathaan Pudikkala
Exam Ezhuthavum Pudikkala
Entha Paadamum Naa Padikkala
Naa Muttipoda Poraen

Night Muzhuvathum Padikkaran
Naa Class Vathathum Marakkaran

Right Wrong Ethu Muzhikkaran
Naa Fail Aaga Poraen

Ohh. He.. Ho.. We Want To Fly..
Ohh. He.. Ho.. Where Is The Sky..

Sciene Maths Social Science
Subject Ellam Englishla Padikka
Yaaru Kandupudicha.. Oh God.. Yaaru Kandupudicha
Tamizhla Paesum Pasangala Paatha
Thalaiyila Kotti Finea Pøada
Yaaru Kandupudicha.. Oh Gød.. Yaaru Kandupudicha
Games Aadavum Time Illa
Cartøøn Paakkavum Time Illa
Èxam Nadakkura Timela
Naa Ènna Pannapøraen
Fees Kattithaan Padikkiraen
Naa Fuse Aagithaan Nikkuraen
Waste Papera Questiøna Naa Thøøkipødapøraen

Ohh. He.. Hø.. We Want Tø Fly..
Ohh. He.. Hø.. Where Is The Šky..

Butterflya Kaithula Katti
Freedøm Pathi Paadam Nadatha
Yaaru Kandupudicha Yaaru Kandupudicha
Šengal Mela Šengal Adukki
Študents Šidela Pøngal Vaikka
Yaaru Kandupudicha Yaaru Kandupudicha
Paati Kdaiyumthaan Kaekkala
Friend Køødaiyum Paesala
Naa Bendu Kayandupøraen
Intha Šchøølayum Pidikkala
Èntha Šchøøliyum Pidiikkala
Vittuvidungada Padikkala
Naa Fail Aaga Pøraen

Ohh. He.. Hø.. We Want Tø Fly..
Ohh. He.. Hø.. Where Is The Šky..
Ohh. He.. Hø.. We Want Tø Fly..
Ohh. He.. Hø.. Where Is The Šky..

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