Poi Solla Lyrics

April Mathathil

Poi Solla Intha Manasukku Theriyavillai,
Sonnaal Poi Poithaane,
Poi Solla Intha Vayasukku Theriyavillai,
Sonnaal Poi Poithaane,

Poi Enbathu Ingillaiyae, Intha Kanavukkul Pilai Illaiyae,
Pothuvaaga Kaathal Sollaamal Pookkum Hey Yeah Yeah..
Whoah Oh..

(Poi Solla Intha Manasukku Theriyavillai..)

Natpukkullae Nam Kaathal Sikki Kolla,
Yaar Idatthil Naan Sendru Nyaayam Solla..?
Thittam Ittae Naam Seiytha Kootram Illa,
Poraada Kalam Illaiyae, Oh-oh..
Engaiyae Po, Naan Tholainthaenoe Theriyaathae,
Ippo Angae Nee Naan Poga Mudiyaathae,
Thaevai Mattum, Un Uravendru Manam Solluthae..
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah..

(Poi Solla Intha Manasukku Theriyavillai..)

Un Thaevai Naan Endrum Thaangi Kolla,

Unnmaiyilae Yen Nenjil Thembu Illai,
Eppidi Naan Unn Munne Vanthu Šølla?
Yen Ullam Thadumaaruthae, Oh-Oh..
Kanngalinaal Nam Kadithangal Pødaamal,
Kaathal Èndru Nam Kavithaigal Paadaamal,
Kaiyuppamaay Nammai Thaangum Varam Šørgamae..
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah..

(Pøi Šølla Intha Manasukku Theriyavillai..)

Last Modified: November 5th, 2012

About Lyricist Snehan
Snehan (born Sivaselvam on 23 June 1972), born in a small village Pudhukariyapatti, is a Tamil poet, lyricist. Debuting in the film Putham Pudhiya Poove, he has written lyrics for more than 600 songs.
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