Enullil Engo Lyrics

Rosaappo Ravikkai Kaari

Enullil Engo Yengum Geetham Yen Kaetkirathu Yen Vaatuthu
Aanal Athuvum Aanantham
Enullil Engo Yengum Geetham Yen Kaetkirathu

Yen Mana Gangaiyil Sangamikka Sangamikka
Pangu Vaikka Pongidum Poo Ponalil
Ah.. Pongidum Panthalin Poo Ponalil
Paathayilae Manam Pongi Nikka
Thangi Nikka Kaalam Indre Theeraatho
Enullil Engo Yengum Geetham Yen Kaetkirathu

Manjalai Poosiya Megangalae Megangalae
Mogangalae Malligai Maalaigalae
Ah.. Malligai Mullai Maalaigalae
Maargazhi Maathathu Kaaligalae Solaigalae
Endrum Ennai Koodaayo

Enullil Engo Yengum Geetham
Enullil Engo Yengum Geetham

Last Modified: October 15th, 2013

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