Kadal Naan Thaan Lyrics

Endrendrum Punnagai

Kadal Naan Thaan
Alai Oyivathey Illa
Sudar Naan Thaan
Thalai Saaivathey Illa
Oor Thunai Illathathu
Penmai Thuyil Kollaathathu
Unmai Thookkam Kettu Thaan
Kannum Thedum Unnai
Vaa Unthan Ithazhaale Kaathal Kavithaithaan
Ne En Mel Ezhuthaayo Kaalai Varaiyilthaan
En Angam Muzhuthum Un Paadal Varigalthaan

Unai Paartha Muthal Thadavai
En Ulla Kathavai Thiranthuvittaen
Udalaavi Unakenave Or Uyilezhuthi Naan Iranthu Vittaen

En Thozha Un Ithazhai En Ithazhmel
Vaithaal Naan Uyirpaen
Ennanbe Naan Thazhuva Nee Nazhuva Vittaal
Naan Marubadi Marainthiduvaen

Thalaivaa Un Thalai Kaanimel Or Thalaiyanaiyaai
En Thodaiyirukkum
Methuvaai Un Vizhi Thuyila En Valai Kulungi
Mel Isai Padikkum

Angange Pen Paravai Than Siragai Un Meethu Virikkum
Ammadi Un Kulirum En Kulirum
Nillamal Nodiyinil Vilagidume

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