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Enna Maranthen Lyrics

Yaar Avano Avano Yaar Avano Avano
Yaar Avano Avano Avano..
Enna Maranthen Etharku Maranthen
Ennai Ketene..
Unnai Ninaikka Ennai Maranthen
Elaam Maranthene..
En Perai Maranthen
En Oorai Maranthen
En Thozhilgalai Maranthen
En Nadai Marantheney
En Odai Maranthen
En Ninaivinai Maranthen
Anthi Maalai Kovil Maranthen
Athi Kaalai Kola Maranthen
Aen Maranthen?
Oh.. En Ennai Maranthen
Naan Ennai Maranthen

Kan Thiranthum Paarka Maranthen
Kaal Nadanthum Paathai Maranthen
Vaai Thiranthum Pesa Maranthen
Naan Panpalayin Paadal Maranthen
Thinam Sandai Podum Thaayidam Kenja Maranthen
En Kutty Thangai Avalidam Konja Maranthen
Maranthen Maranthen Ethanaal Maranthen

Yaar Avano Avano Yaar Avano Avano
Yaar Avano Avano Avano..

Padithathelaam Paathi Maranthen
Thervaraiyil Meethi Maranthen
Naal Kizhamai Thethi Maranthen
Naan Minnanjalin Šethi Maranthen
Naan Ènnai Patri Avanidam Šølla Maranthen
Avan Punnagayai Møøta Katti Alla Maranthen
Maranthen Maranthen Avanaal Maranthen

Yaar Avanø Avanø Yaar Avanø Avanø
Yaar Avanø Avanø Avanø..
Yen Ènnai Maranthen

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