Nirpadhuve Nadappadhuve Lyrics


Nirpathuve Nadappathuve Parappathuve (3)
Neengal Ellam Soppanam Thaano
Pala Thotra Mayakkangalo
Karpathuve Ketpathuve Karuthuvadhe
Neengal Ellam Arthamaiyaigalo
Ummul Aazhntha Porulillaiyo
Ummul Aazhntha Porulillaiyo

Vaanagamae.. Ilaveyilae.. Maracharivae..
Vaanagame Ilaveyile Marancharive(2)
Neengal Ellam Kaanalin Neero
Verum Kaatchi Pizhaithaano

Ponadhellaam Kanavinaipol
Udainthaezhundhe Ponathanaal
Naanum Or Kanavo

Intha Gnalamum Poithaano

(Nirpathuve Nadappathuve Parappathuve)

Kaalamendre Oru Ninaivum
Kaatchi Endru Pala Ninaivum
Kolamum Poigalo
Antha Gunangalum Poigalo (2)
Kaanbadhellaam Maraiyumendraal
Marainthadhellaam Kaanbamandro
Naanum Or Kanavo
Intha Gnalamum Poithaano

(Nirpathuve Nadappathuve Parappathuve)

Last Modified: September 25th, 2011

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