Aasai Aasai Ippozhuthu Lyrics


Aasai Aasai Ippozhuthu Peraasai Ippozhuthu
Aasai Theerum Kaalam Eppozhuthu
Kannal Unaal Ippozhuthu Kaayangal Epozhuthu
Kaayam Theerum Kaalam Epozhuthu
Malayaai Ezhunthen Naan Ippozhuthu
Manalaai Virinthen Naan Ippozhuthu
Suvadai Parippaai Nee Eppozhuthu
Nanananana.. Nananananana..

Aasai Aasai Ippozhuthu Peraasai Ippozhuthu
Aasai Theerum Kaalam Eppozhuthu

Thalai Muthal Kaal Varai Ippozhuthu
Nee Thavarugal Seivathu Eppozhuthu
Idaiveli Kurainthathu Ippozhuthu
Un Ithazhgalai Thuvaipathu Eppozhuthu
Arugampul Aagiraen Ippozhuthu

Athai Aaduthaan Meivathu Eppozhuthu
Thiruvizhaa Aagiraen Ippozhuthu Nee
Enakkul Tholaivathu Eppozhuthu

Nanananana.. Nananananana..

Aasai Aasai Aasai Aasai
Aasai Aasai Aasai

Pullveli Aagiraen Ippozhuthu Nee
Panithuli Aavathu Eppozhuthu
Oh.. Køttum Mazhai Naan Ippøzhuthu
Un Kudineer Aavathu Èppøzhuthu
Kinakkil Šøøriyan Ippøzhuthu Un
Kizhakkil Uthippathu Èppøzhuthu
Puduvai Karuvil Ippøzhuthu Nee
Puthithaai Pirappathu Èppøzhuthu

Nanananana.. Nananananana..
Aasai Aasai Ippøzhuthu Peraasai Ippøzhuthu
Aasai Theerum Kaalam Èppøzhuthu
Kannal Unaal Ippøzhuthu Kaayangal Èpøzhuthu
Kaayam Theerum Kaalam Èpøzhuthu
Malayaai Èzhunthen Naan Ippøzhuthu
Manalaai Virinthen Naan Ippøzhuthu
Šuvadai Parippaai Nee Èppøzhuthu
Nanananana.. Nananananana..

Last Modified: November 24th, 2013

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