Bay Of Bengal Lyrics


Bay Of Bengal Beachil En Kaal
Pattaal Enna Ketta Vidum
Bay Watch Penngal Bluish Kangal
Thotaal Enna Sutta Vidum
Neechal Podum Poochedi
Nilaavai Thedum Neela Vaanam Naanthaane
Koocham Neengi Poochudi
Vilaavil Naanum Veenai Pola Meetum Neram
Kangalil Poothiri Aethidum Raathiri
Menithaan Aanathey Ennavo Maathiri
Manmathan Vanthunee Manthiri Thinasari..

So Many Girls In The World
They Won't Stick To Just One Flavour
Because Anybody Settle Down

Hate The Game Dont Hate The Player
But Theres This One Girl That I Know
Got A Swag Its So Incredible,
Gotta Say This Girl, She Rocks The World,
I Just Want My Spend My Life Along With Her

Day Day Fishshuthaan Tasteful Dishuthaan
Boys Queue Nirpathu Barbecque Pakkathaan
Thoda Thoda Pada Pada Chuda Chuda Anubavi

Vanga Kadaliley Cølør Cølør Meengale
Èngal Valayil Vizhunthathey Viduvøma Naangale
Padu Angel Løveu Ènbathu
Athu Dengue Fever Pønrathu
Ada Vendaam Antha Køsukadi
Athu Vaatum Aalai Aiyø Ammadi

Day Day Fishshuthaan Tasteful Dishuthaan
Bøys Queue Nirpathu Barbecque Pakkamthaan
Thøda Thøda Pada Pada Chuda Chuda Anubavi

Last Modified: December 20th, 2013

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