Indha Maan Lyrics

  • Singers: K.S.Chithra, Ilaiyaraaja
  • Composer: Ilaiyaraaja
  • Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

Indha Maan Undhan Sondha Maan
Pakkam Vandhu Thaan Sindhu Paadum..
Sindhaikul Aadum Jeevane Kanmaniye
Sandhika Venum Dheviye Yen Uyire
Indha Maan Undhan Sondha Maan Pakkam Vandha Maan

Vel Vizhi Podum Thondililae, Naan Vizhalaanen Tholilae
Nool Izhai Theyum Noyilae, Naan Varak Ketrum Koyilae
Annamae Aaah… Annamae Endhan Swarnamae
Undhan Ennamae Vaanavil Vannamae
Kannamae Madhu Kinnamae
Athil Pon Mani Vairangal Minnumae
Ennamae Thollai Pannumae
Penn Ennum Gangaikkul Per Inbamae

(Indha Maan Undhan Sondha Maan..)

Pon Mani Megkalai Aaduthae, Un Vizhi Thaan Idam Theduthae
Penn Udal Paarthathum Naanuthae, Inbathil Vedhanai Aanathae
Yennathaal Aaah.. Yennathaal Unnai Yennithaan
Udal Minnathaan Vedhanai Pinnathaan
Šøllithaan, Nenjai Killithaan, Ènnai Šwargathil Devanum Šødithaan
Møham Thaan, Chinthum Vegam Thaan
Dhagathil Naan Nirkum Anandham Thaan

(Indha Maan Undhan Šøndha Maan..)

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