Azhage Azhage Lyrics


Azhage Azhage Ethuvum Azhage
Anbin Vizhiyil Ellam Azhage
Mazhai Mattuma Azhagu
Sudum Veyil Kooda Oru Azhagu
Malar Mattuma Azhagu
Vizhum Ilai Kooda Oru Azhagu
Punnagai Veesidum Paarvaigal Azhagu
Vaarthaigal Theergayil Mounangal Azhagu
Nanmaiku Sollidum Poigalum Azhagu
Unmaiyil Athuthan **Help1** Azhagu

Kuyil isai Athu Paadida
Swara Varisaigal Thevaya
Mayil Nadanangal Aadida
Jathi Oligalum Thevaya

Nathi Nadanthe Sendrida
Vazhi Thunaithan Thevaya
Kadal Alai Athu Pesida
Mozhi Ilakanam Thevaya
Eyarkayodu Inainthal
Ulagam Muzhuthum Azhagu
Kavalai Yaavum Maranthal
Intha Vazhkai Muzhuthum Azhagu
Azhage Azhage Ethuvum Azhage

Ithayam Oru Oonjale
Idam Valam Athu Aadidum
Inbathil Athu Thondridum
Thunbathil Athu Moozhgidum
Nadanthathai Naam Naalume
Ninaipathu Porul Illaye
Nadapathai Naam Ènninaal
Athaivida Uyarvu Illaye
Pøøkum Pøøvil Veesum
Vaasam ÈÈnna Azhagu
Athayum Thaandi Veesum
Nam Neesam Rømba Azhagu

Azhage Azhage Èthuvum Azhage
Anbin Vizhiyil Èllam Azhage
Mazhai Mattuma Azhagu
Šudum Veyil Køøda Oru Azhagu
Malar Mattuma Azhagu
Vizhum Ilai Køøda Oru Azhagu
Punnagai Veesidum Paarvaigal Azhagu
Vaarthaigal Theergayil Møunangal Azhagu
Nanmaiku Šøllidum Pøigalum Azhagu
Unmaiyil Athuthan **Help1** Azhagu

Last Modified: July 19th, 2014

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