Venmegham Pennagha Lyrics

Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Venmegham Pennagha Uruvaanatho,
En Neram Ennai Paarththu Villaiyaadutho
Unnalae Pala Gnaabagham, En Munnae Vanthaaduthae,
Oru Nenjam Thindaduthae

Vaarththai Oru Vaarthai Sonnal Enna?
Paarvai Oru Paarvai Paarththaal Enna?
Unnalae Pala Gnaabagham, En Munnae Vanthaaduthae,
Oru Nenjam Thindaduthae

(Venmegham Pennagha Uruvaanatho..)

Manjal Veyil Nee, Minnal Oli Nee,
Unnai Kandavarai Kann Kalangha Nirkka Vaikkum Thee
Pennae Yennadi? Unmai Solladi
Oru Punnaghaiyil Penniname Kopa Paddathennadi?
Devathai Vaalvathu Veedu Illai Koyil,
Kadavulin Kaal Thadam Paarkiraen
Ondraai Irendaai Un Azhagai Paada

Kan Moodi Oru Oram Naan Saaikiraen
Kanneeril Aanandham Naan Kaankiraen
Unnalae Pala Gnaabagham, En Munnae Vanthaaduthae,
Oru Nenjam Thindaduthae

Enghal Manathai Kollai Adiththaai
Indha Thanthiramum Manthiramum Yengu Šendru Padiththaai?
Vizhivasavil Valai Virithaai,
Unnai Pallakinil Thukki Šella Kaddalaikal Vithiththaai
Un Viral Pidiththidum Varam Ondu Kidaikka..
Uyirudan Vaalkiraen Naan Adi
Èn Kaadhalum Èn Aagumø
Un Paathaththil Mann Aagumø

(Venmegham Pennagha Uruvaanathø..)

Last Modified: December 6th, 2011

About Lyricist Na. Muthukumar
Na. Muthukumar

Na. Muthukumar is a Tamil poet and lyricist, who began his career wanting to be a director and worked under Balu Mahendra for four years. But then he became a lyricist, beginning with the lyrics for the songs of the Tamil film Veera Nadai, directed by Seeman. Since then, he has written songs for more than 50 films, written lyrics for more than 700 songs and worked with almost every contemporary Tamil film music composer and is currently one of the most important and most busiest writer in the Tamil film industry.

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