Thaimai Lyrics


Thaaimai Vaazhkena Thooya Senthamizh
Aariraaro Aaraaro
Thanga Kai Valai Vaira Kai Valai
Aariraaro Aaraaro

Intha Naalile Vantha Nyaabagam
Entha Naalum Maaraatho
Kanngal Paesidum Mouna Baashaiyil
Ennavendru Kooraatho

Thaaimai Vaazhkena Thooya Senthamizh
Paadal Paada Maattaayo

Thirunaal Intha Orunaal
Ithil Pala Naal Kanda Sugame
Thinamum Oru Ganamum
Ithai Maravaathenthan Maname

Vizhi Paesidum Mozhi Thaan
Intha Ulagin Pothu Mozhiye
Pala Aayiram Kathai Paesida

Uthavum Vizhi Valiye

Last Modified: April 12th, 2016

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