Hello Doctor Lyrics

Kadhal Desam

Hello Doctor Heart Thirutaache
Pulse sa Paatha Fast'tu Beat Aache
Cadburies Kasakkudhey
College Bore Aache
Cushion Bed Valilkkudhey
Thookam Poi Naalache

Hello Doctor Heart Thirutaache
Pulse sa Paatha Fast'tu Beat Aache

Paadam Padikka College Pona
Padichadellaam L O V E
Relax Panna Movie Pona
Movie Ellaam L O V E
Hollywood, London, Paris, Behrin
Earth Ellaam L O V E
Rocket Yeri Nilavukku Pona

Nilavil Kooda L O V E

This Is Romantic Raadio 2000 K S
There Is Something Strange In The Air
Called L O V E

Scanning Senju Braina Paatha
Cells Ellaam L O V E
Test Panni Bloodapaatha
Bloodin Group L O V E
Open Panni Heartapaatha
Heartin Suvaril L O V E
Naadi Pudichu Pulse Paatha
Narambu Ellaam L O V E
First Starugal Paarhthachu
Macdowellum Poyachhu
Eyesum Eyesum Meet Acchu
High Vøltage Šhøck Acchu
Šchøøl Baby Than Parthu Parthu
Kalpaadi Thaan Vitaachu
Štella Èthiraj Pøyachu
Kizhpak Patient Aayachu

Ithu Kaathal Ènnum Nøi
Oru Kannippennai Paaru

Last Modified: November 5th, 2013

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