Kaatru Pudhithaai Veesa Lyrics

Kanden Kadhalai

Kaatru Puthithaai Veesa Kandaen
Kaathal Kavithai Paesa Kandaen
Snegam Inithai Saera Kandaen
Naan Kandaen

Kaalam Seiyum Maayam Kandaen
Kaalgal Naangai Maara Kandaen
Ullam Kayil Ulagam Kandaen
Naan Kandaen

(Kaatru Puthithaai Veesa Kandaen..)

Thollaigalae Ini Illai Ena Ela Vaenil Raagam Paadum
Ellaigalae Ini Illai Ena Thisai Yaavum Kayil Saerum
Puthir Pola Thondrinaalum Puthu Paathai Inbam Aagum
Ila Nenjilae Isai Thendralae
Athai Naan Kandaen..
Sugam Naan Kandaen..

(Kaatru Puthithaai Veesa Kandaen..)

Konjuvathum Enai Minjuvathum Siru Kuzhandai Pola Thaondrum
Anjuvathum Athil Enjuvathum Ila Vayathai Thooli Aatum

Vilayadum Anbinalae Nadai Poda Naatkal Pookkum
Unatha Anbilae Pala Minnale
Athai Naan Kandaen.. Oh Ho..
Enai Naan Kandaen..

(Kaatru Puthithaai Veesa Kandaen..)

Last Modified: October 26th, 2009

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