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Akkam Pakkam Yaarum Illla, Bhoologam Vendum
Andi Pagal Unarugey , Naan Vaazha Vendum
En Aasai Elam Un Irukathiley,En Ayul Elam Un Anaipiniley
Verenna Vendum Ulagathiley , Iinda Inbam Pothum Nejiniley
Ezeezhu Jenjam Vaazhndu Vitaen

Nee Pesum Vaarthaigal Segarithu
Seyven Anbe Or Agaraathi !
Nee Thoongum Nerathil Thoongamal
Parpen Thinam Un Thalai Kothi!
Kadorathil Epothumey Un Moochu Kaatrin Veppam Sumapen!
Kayoduthaan Kai Korthu Thaan Un Maarbu Sootil Mugam Puthaipen!

Verenna Vendum Ulagathiley, Inda Inbam Pothum Nejiniley
Ezeezhu Jenjam Vaazhndu Vitaen

Akkam Pakkam Yaarum Illa, Bhoologam Vendum
Andi Pagal Unarugey, Naan Vaazha Vendum

Neeyum Naanum Serumunney
Nizhal Rendum Ondru Kalakirathey!

Neram Kaalam Theriyamal
Nejum Thinam Vinnil Mithakiradhey!
Unal Indru Pennagavey Naan Pirandadil Arthangal Arindu Kønden!
Un Theendalil Èn Degathil Puthu Janalgal Thirapathai Therindu Kønden

Verenna Vendum Ulagathiley, Inda Inbam Pøthum Nejiniley
Èzeezhu Jenjam Vaazhndu Vitaen

Nanana Nanna Naaana Nanaaana!
Lalala Lalala Laaala La Laala!

Last Modified: September 15th, 2013

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