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January Maatham Oh Pani Vizhum Naeram
Kannum Kannum Mothum
Penmai Engu Maarum
En Pinnangazhuthile Un Uthadugal Maeya
En Ulle Ulle Ulle
Puthu Minsaarangal Paaya
En Acham Madam Naanam Ellaam
Sikkikondu Saaga

January Maatham Oh Pani Vuzhum Naeram
Kannum Kannum Mothum
Ippenmae Ingu Maarum

Meyya Poyya En Daegham Ingey
Payya Payya Un Veeram Engey
Kattil Kattil Athu Thaevayillai
Kannaal Thottaal Nee Kanni Illai

Kaamam Illaa Kaathal Athu Kaathal Illai

Kaiyai Katti Nitka Ithu Koyil Illai
Vandu Varaa Pookal Athu Pookal Illai
Aathi Vaasi Aanum Pennum Vetkepadavillai
Maargazhi Maatham Oh Mayyal Kollum Neram
Moodu Panikulle Nilavukal Soodum

Muthal Murai Ingey Oru Kaayam Inikkum
Mugathile Vetkam Oru Koalam Kirukkum
Oru Vizhi Unnai Vaendaamendraal
Maru Vizhi Unnai Vendum
Oru Kai Unnai Thalla Paarthidum
Maru Kai Unnai Thaedum
Èn Èere Køønthal Ulle
Un Viral Vanthu Thaede
Èn Kaathu Madal Èllaam
Un Ushna Mutham Kaetka
Èn Acham Madam Naanam Èllaam
Šikkikøndu Šaaga

Maargazhi Maatham Oh Mayyal Køllum Naeram
Møødu Panikulle Nilavukal Šøødum
Èn Pinnangazhuthile Un Uthadugal Maeye
Èn Ulle Ulle Ulle
Puthu Minsaarangal Paaya
Acham Madam Naanam Èllaam
Šikkikøndu Šaaga

January Maatham Oh Pani Vizhum Naeram
Kannum Kannum Møthum
Penmai Èngu Maarum

Last Modified: September 6th, 2011

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